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​ Connects the disembarkation point "River Station Mogamikyo Kusanagi" and the boarding point "Tozawahan Funabansho"

Route bus information

Mogami River boat disembarkation "River Station Mogamikyo Kusanagi (Kusanagi Port)"

This is a route bus that connects the boarding area "Tozawa Domain Funabansho (Furuguchi Port)".

After boarding the Mogami River boat ride,
Please use it when returning to JR Koguchi Station or the boarding area.


​route map

​It takes about 20 minutes from the first train to the last stop.

*From August 19, 2019, due to the vehicle restrictions for the JR Takaya Station improvement work, it will not be possible to get on and off at JR Takaya Station, and it will pass through for the time being. Please note that you cannot get on and off at Takaya Station.


time table

(Boarding point)
Mogami Gorge Kusanagi River Station

(boarding point)

​Tozawa clan ship guard station Koguchi Port

After enjoying the boat ride, please use this bus. It will run to the boat station.

(Nearest station to Funabansho)
JR Koguchi Station

(boarding point)

​Tozawa clan ship guard station Koguchi Port

If coming by train, JR Koguchi Station is the nearest station.
It runs from JR Koguchi Station bus stop to Tozawahan Funabansho.

​fare table



There is a discount system for customers with disabilities.
* You can also use the handicapped person's notebook app [Mirairo ID]

We will provide a car service (for a fee) from Funabansho (Boarding Office) to Mogami River River Port (Disembarking Office).

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Easy route search

There is a bus to the boarding area (Tozawa Domain Funabansho)

Easy route search shortcut to JR Koguchi Station & from JR Koguchi Station​

Transportation around
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